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True Religion Straight Leg Jeans, You guys, I think I just found the one true topcoat to rule them all. I'm really hoping no one else on the squad woke up earlier than me like a real adult and already wrote about this Camoshita overcoat because I fucking really, really, really like it. Yes, that's three reallies in a row, back to back to back now. If you ever rep a brand or label at a trade show and you can't tell if I'm gonna wholeheartedly co-sign your aesthetic, just listen for me to say to, like, Lawrence or Skylar or whoever Complex forces to go with me as punishment, Wow. This [insert product here] is really, really, really, fucking dope. If you don't hear that, I'll still write about your shit, but I will not say that I love it. Instead, I'll just mention it offhandedly before going off on some tangent about a girl in college whose intellect and boobs I admired from afar.

Green Monday True Religion T-shirts,