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True Religion Straight Leg Jeans Mens US, All I really know about Niuhans is that they produce limited-run garments in understated colors and cuts, all the while crafting them from super soft and quality fabrics. Just how understated? There aren't even any words on their tags. This emerald green coat is a wool-cashmere blend and rides the wave of very low-key dopeness. This shade of green isn't some embarrassing bright lime or standard kelly green. Nah, Niuhans doesn't trade in the obvious. Instead, it's a?sophisticated green that shows you probably know the difference between the leaves used to roll every?type of cigar in existence. I'm a nerd about a lot of things, but the cigar industry is not in my repertoire. My dad knows, like, almost everything there is to know about cigars. He has a wildly refined taste for that shit to the point that he'll sometimes go on for a few minutes about it while I just sit there and nod, knowing absolutely nothing other than the fact that they take, like, a super long time to smoke. If I'm in a classy ass coat though, looking like the don dada? I might actually?finish more than a quarter of my stogie.

Green Monday True Religion Canada,