Green Monday TR Jeans

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True Religion Short Sleeve T-shirts Mens US, Beauty & Youth always pops up at a weird juncture in my life, usually at times when it wouldn't be prudent to purchase anything from them. Which, to be fair to them, is pretty much everyday, since I am constantly fighting off calls from various collections agencies. The brand's F/W 14 collection is pretty diesel with a lookbook that centers firmly on the brand's outerwear efforts. What a perfect fucking time to drop this shit, B&Y. You did this on purpose, didn't you? Don't play coy with me. It's finally feeling like fall, so why not drop a flex bomb of sick outerwear for everyone to go broke on? I hate when brands have good strategy and marketing. J/K, this is more of me venting as I try to save money to move out of my shitty apartment. But this collection is really well put-together and has pretty much everything you might need for a cold spell. There's top coats, a suede rider, a bomber or two, puffy jackets and a big-time collaboration with the champions of the great white north, Canada Goose, on an enormous fucking parka. You can check out the details of each fit on the B&Y's website .

Green Monday TR Jeans,