Green Monday TR Shorts

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True Religion CA Joey With Studs - Drifter Dark Jeans Womens, Gramicci makes these hippie pants for, like, $50 and I'm super into them. I love the way all hippie outdoor pants have a backpack buckle instead of a button. There's something satisfying about clicking your pants closed like a goddamn superhero, you know? Getting dressed in the morning (or mid-afternoon depending on how much of a degenerate you are) will be like suiting up for a long day of fighting crime, which in my case involves preventing assholes from surreptitiously cutting lines at the deli counter of Whole Foods. I can't stand that shit. It's always someone in workout gear being all, Oh, I'm sorry. Were you on line too? NO, I WAS JUST STANDING BEHIND OTHER HUMAN BEINGS IN FRONT OF A GLASS COUNTER FULL OF EXPENSIVE EMPANADAS FOR MY OWN EDIFICATION. OF COURSE, I'M IN LINE, MOTHERFUCKER. AND STOP SAYING ON LINE. THIS IS A GROCERY STORE, NOT AOL. YOU'RE EITHER IN OR OUT SMFH. After I stop another national travesty like a dude in capri length athletic pants cutting in line at a luxury food establishment, I like to hit up one of those sad tables they have near the checkout on forever alone status so I can eat my parsnip fritters in triumphant silence.

Green Monday TR Shorts,