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True Religion Sale, Did you guys realize that VelcroR is a proper name? Like, when East Dane wrote the product description of this Patrik Ervell field jacket , they had to drop the registered trademark in there for legal purposes? I mean, stuff like Gore-Tex and Kleenex have become pretty obvious, but VelcroR? Damn. Someone legit has a monopoly on the?Scratchy Fabrics Intertwined with One Another to Fasten an Item Closed market. The problem with VelcroR is obviously that fucking sound it makes when you rip it apart. God, that shit is so terrible and abrasive. I once had a coat like this one, complete with a VelcroR storm flap and, since it was freezing outside, I forgot to take it off when I got to class. About 15 minutes in, it felt like I was in an inferno and had to take it off ASAP. But with the VelcroR closure, there was no way I could do it without everyone in class side-eyeing me to hell and back. So, I sat there sweating my ass off for an hour and a half just to avoid the embarrassment. This pretty much tells you everything you need to know about me.

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