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Walmart is catching heat this week after online shoppers noticed a Halloween costume section that specifically targeted ˇ§ fat girls .ˇ¨ Thatˇ¦s right, the retail giant actually used the term ˇ§fat girls.ˇ¨

Green Monday TR Shirts, Though the website also features a page for ˇ§ Adult Plus Halloween Costumes ,ˇ¨ you can understand why the title of this selection was offending people like no other.

As pointed out by Jezebel , the ˇ§fat girlˇ¨ section featured many of the same costumes as the plus-size page, leading many people to believe that the label was a joke that accidentally went live.

Green Monday TR Shirts Walmart has since taken down the embarrassing page after a couple of customers took to social media to express their complaints, which prompted a painfully vague, auto response from Walmart.

Hereˇ¦s hoping that the not-so-funny Walmart team takes more caution when labeling its sections. God knows there are already plenty of offensive Halloween content/merchandise on its site, ranging from racist Indian costumes to ignorant Gypsy get-ups .

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