Green Monday TR Hoodie

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True Religion Brand Bootcut Leg Jeans Mens On Sale, The ripstop nylon chest pocket on this sweatshirt is so dope I wish I could do an entire post about it even though I know I wouldn't ever use it for anything other than adding a nice visual detail to my alphet. I would wear this like everyone else would: with a pair of pants. Unless I was on vacation in California. Then, I would wear it with shorts to look like a tourist from the Midwest who can't get over the fact that in November it's still so nice out in San Diego. I love that Midwest Dad on Winter Vacation look. A dad when he's on vacation in a semi-tropical climate is just a different kind of dad, ya know? He's all relaxed, lets you sip on the expensive soda at the airport terminal, cops the Bartman bootleg souvenir T-shirts for the whole squad and is even on board with you staying home the day after you get back because fuck school. Goddamn, my vacation to San Diego was so awesome.

Green Monday TR Hoodie,