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True Religion Jeans Billy Petite Straight Leg Jean - Dark Womens, I usually hate exposed stitching, but this Wings + Horns coat is pushing me in the opposite direction. Like, I get that I should be all refined and sophisticated and talk to you guys about how clean stitching doesn't need to be seen and that by hiding it you know you have a better-constructed item, but sometimesˇX sometimes ˇXyou need a little intrigue, a little spice of life, a little something different. This coat has said stitching to set it apart and the pockets on the front are A1 too because they're patch, but not in the way that one would assume. They're slanted, totally flush at the base of them and, thus, much larger than usual. Carrying stuff in the winter is a real hassle, so just dropping a care package of goodies and snacks into my coat is the way I like to go about hording. Even better, get some of those hand warmer things that look like tiny bags of?potpourri, stash them shits and walk around with your hands in your pockets, looking like you're midway through?a game of pocket pool, all the while making sure your fingers don't fall off.

Green Monday TR Canada,