Green Monday True Religion Mens

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True Religion Straight Leg Jeans, Fuck, Uniform Experiment needs to stop making shit I want to buy because I have to buy a bunch of shit that I need to live instead and it frustrates me to no end. Like, fuck food, fuck shelter, fuck my girlfriend's broken TV, fuck my old ass car that always needs service and fuck that asshole of a landlord who expects to be paid on time every single month. I DON'T EVEN TURN MY WORK ASSIGNMENTS ON TIME, GUY. FUCKING RELAX. DON'T SEND TIFFANY UP TO MY UNIT TO AWKWARDLY ASK IF I KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS. I NEVER KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS. I JUST KNOW IF I HAVE TO FILE POSTS OR IF I CAN SLEEP THE ENTIRE DAY AWAY. Anyways, this is a banging take on the classic U.S. military deck jacket. It's a bit longer than traditional iterations, which is dope because mid-length jackets are all the rage right now, so buy this shit asap before it's not cool again tomorrow.

Green Monday True Religion Mens,